August 9, 2011

LOVE ETERNAL: Dead Celebrity Edition

Today we want to talk about the great and ultimate theme: love. Or, more accurately, the love of dead celebrities. Without further ado, our sketches and odes to the missing men of our dreams:

susan: cary grant
Because he:
- Is quick-witted and hilarious on screen
- Is tall, dark, and handsome (see also: gorgeous)
- Always chose interesting roles
- Had range but was always funny
- Had great on-screen chemistry with the ladies... particularly Katharine Hepburn
In sum, this is the man I'd marry of he were alive and straight.

rebecca: paul newman

Why Paul Newman? For Cool Hand Luke, for the salad dressing, for saying "Why go out for a burger when you have a steak at home?" when asked if he'd ever been tempted to stray from his wife, for the hooded, sad eyes, for the sense he gave of being, au fond, a truly and genuinely decent man. And for being so beautiful I have to avert my eyes lest he burn a Paul Newman-shaped hole in my retina.


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