September 7, 2011


Though I'll try to come up with a few.

We've always been 'cat people', so as my thirteenth birthday present, my daddy-o brought me a ragdoll kitten. I named him Ares (after the Greek and Roman God of War) because he was such a little warrior (and by 'warrior' I mean cute, cuddly, adorable, and sweet).

As Ares and I bonded over torn curtains, taking over my bed, and shoulder real estate I thanked my dad for the best birthday present ever.

Ragdolls are notoriously loving kitties. Unlike many breeds they don't shy away from people and strangers (personally, I think the idea that cats are finicky and hide all the time is why people aren't fond of cats), they are vocal, love being held, and Ares actually comes to me when I whistle!

see also: walks around with me until I sit down where he proceeds to curl up on or next to me and purr forever.

note: if you're thinking of getting a ragdoll, I hope you like vacuuming and sticky rollers!

Brilliant blues.

A lazy Saturday morning.

Tiny toes.
Sitting and purring and looking out the window. 
"helping" me with some emails after his "Lion Cut" at the vet (which is hilarious, but necessary) 

Pretty cute. 

September 6, 2011

TOUSLED TRESSES: Wedding Hair and Tips

Soft, natural, tousled tresses are in! Check out these looks and tips for your wedding hairstyle for your big day.

Taylor Swift's people have managed to perfect the tousled and curled up-do.
Such a soft and simple looking style. 
This wavy, Monroe inspired look makes me want to cut off all my hair!
This looks a little more polished than some of the others,
but it's still soft and sweet, especially when paired with a pinky-coral blush.  
The low, side ponytail is probably the most popular wedding hairstyle
this season, and for good reason. With or without the pin, it's lovely.
Also a great reason to add extensions or a fall of hair if you need an excuse!
This messy up-do is the new direction in wedding style.
It's so pretty and a great update to the extreme look of the french twist. 
Another messy 'do, parted down the center for a more casual look
for a laid back bride and groom. 

A few tips and tricks... 

1. Keep the hairspray light... more is not necessarily better. You don't want your hair looking weighed down or dull in your wedding photos!

2. Make sure you choose the right foundation for your skin... and test it in natural light! Nothing is worse than an orange face and pale neck in the sun. 

3. Keep the shimmer you put on your cheeks light. Otherwise you'll look oily and wet. 

4. Don't make any changes to your routine (moisturizer, laundry detergent, birth control, etc) 6-8 weeks before your wedding. You don't want to have any weirdo reactions to anything! 

5. While some people swear by it, stay away from airbrushed makeup. If one little tear rolls down your face on your big day, you'll have a streak the rest of the night. It's not fixable unless they take it all off and start over! 

6. Consider getting your nails and eyebrows done at least 2 days before the wedding... therefore if there are any mistakes you'll have time to fix them, and there won't be any redness from the wax. 

September 1, 2011

BALMAIN: Resort 2012

I have a difficult time falling in love with prints. As in, "get that away from me unless it's a dainty, washed out, grandma-like floral". I'm oh so wrong, and now I really know it.

Sometimes, Paris-based Balmain is hit or miss with me, but the Resort 2012 collection knocked my face off. I was able to tack it back on long enough to watch the slideshow on my smartphone before we made it to the hospital. Okay, I'm obviously kidding, but I haven't been this impressed with every look coming down the runway (or stairs, here)... oh, ever.

Inspired by a myriad of things (see: Elvis, Americana biker chick, Native American prints, military, Rock 'n' Roll) new Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing debuts his collection for Resort 2012.

I'm impressed.

Crisp ivory blazer, killer pants, and look at those boots!
I love this sequin 'print' on the skirt. Great use of metallic.
Again with the boots! 
I would wear this everyday. 
Killer printed mini with a long tuxedo style blazer? Yes, please. 
This blazer pretty much rocks.
There are those booties again!
But look at the printed tuxedo-pant stripe down these puppies! 
A romper that really works. 
Slinky how-does-that-even-stay-up jumpsuit. Neat. 

So, that's my take on Balmain Resort 2012...

August 31, 2011

LOVE AFFAIR: Elie Saab Haute Couture

So, I'm having a bit of a love affair with Elie Saab, but he doesn't know it yet (maybe that's why he's not returning my calls!)...

His couture lines are always awe inspiring, and a quick look through his website and my jaw was on the floor. Between his Spring/Summer 2011, and Autumn/Winter 2011/12 Haute Couture lines, I've found a bunch of gowns that make me want to drop ## pounds and grow ## inches and find a place to wear these...

Here are a few of my absolute favorites.

Illusion netting, flower detail, and a hint of sparkle. 


Who wouldn't wear a full sequin gown? I mean, really? 

The draping, color and lace use makes me swoooon. 

Yowza! Have you seen lace inserts like this on a chiffon gown? I'm in love.

 Would you wear this on your wedding day? 

Her face is dewy and this gown reminds me of Art Nouveau. 

This one too. 

Great color.

She looks like a brilliant sea creature floating in the abyss. 

So there you have it... my love affair with Elie Saab Haute Couture explained. 
I encourage you to check out his website. There are a few lovely videos and intros to his collections.

August 30, 2011


The sparkle and sequin trend makes me happy, and the fact that we can now throw them on our nails is my favorite part! It's not totally uncool anymore to have things on your fingers other than a light layer of shiny polish, and these ideas are even a little bit classy. 

...and if I could just stop biting my nails for two seconds, I could do some of these! Here are some of the prettiest ideas I've seen; perfect for wedding, a special occasion, or just everyday...  

The variation in size of gold glitter reminds me of the night sky...

I love this glitter faded in from the tips. FYI: Martha Stewart's glitter (available at
any craft store) is very fine and works very well here...

For this pink and black number, I would consider going ivory with dove grey 
to keep it sweet and light, but I like that the lace placement changes... 

This is such a sweet look... I'll try a blush pink when I can sort these puppies out. 

My second favorite idea... tone on tone matte/shiny. 
Great idea! Try french tips or lace here too! 

My favorite idea from this set of photos! Here is the step by step... 

1. paint nails with desired color and let dry.
2. dip fingernail in vodka (possibly after making a tasty cocktail).
3. press strip of newspaper big enough to cover the whole nail onto your
alcohol soaked nail.
4. pull off newpaper slowly.
5. paint top coat to seal. 

(This last one comes from

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August 29, 2011


Here at Godbey & Gant, we hope to make your Mondays a little bit better... so relax and watch this tutorial on how to achieve the 'Sexy Pin-Up' look inspired by the ravishing beauties of the 1940s.


August 25, 2011

COVER UP: Inspired Cases for the iPhone

We only have so many options when it comes to staying in touch, so why not jazz it up a little and personalize the packaging?

We've scoured the interwebs for the best of the best, and this is what we've found...

1. The Little Black Book from Pad&Quill {4}. This lovely little cover comes in three classic colors, featuring Baltic Birch, bookbinding cloth, and Italian leather. Surprisingly inexpensive for such a gorgeous little guy - $39.99.

2. Bamboo Case from Grove {4}. Available in two colors, and 100% bamboo. Fully customizable so you can have a hand-etched completely unique case all of your own! (or you can choose one of the designs from the 'artist series') - $69-109.
3. Leather & Lace from tovicorrie @ Etsy {3G or 4}. Available in burgundy or purple (above), this leather slide-in case has a strap to keep your treasured electronic in place - $39.50.

4. Leather Book case from calfunk @ Etsy {3G or 4}. Comes in this lovely color combo, or the reverse in 100% leather - $39.
5. Quartet Case from Case-Mate {4}. Each set (there are three color sets available) come with 6 color quadrants so you can switch it up whenever you're feeling like a change - $34.99

6. VANE case from KLxTL @ Etsy {4}. Rawr! This case may be a little impractical, but damn{!}, it's awesome! Available in white, black, and hot pink - $34.

7. Retro Silicone Cassette Tape from blueunplugged {4}. Even though the technology of the cassette has been long surpassed, that doesn't stop it from being cool when used in the right ways. This retro inspired case is the least expensive on the list, so it won't break the bank at $7.42.

8. Chocolate Bar case from usbfever {3G}. Mmm! This delicious silicone case won't melt in your hand or all over the inside of your purse. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this - $29.99.

9. 200 year-old antique wood w/18k gold {4}. What?! wow. just wow. Necessary though? Dunno. $3000 if you can find it. 

10. Okay, okay... this one is just for giggles! This Golden Delicious case will break your piggy bank at $108,891, but if you have a particular affinity (and the cash to burn) for 140 grams of 18k gold, carbon fiber, and 600 diamonds... then this is the case for you!