September 1, 2011

BALMAIN: Resort 2012

I have a difficult time falling in love with prints. As in, "get that away from me unless it's a dainty, washed out, grandma-like floral". I'm oh so wrong, and now I really know it.

Sometimes, Paris-based Balmain is hit or miss with me, but the Resort 2012 collection knocked my face off. I was able to tack it back on long enough to watch the slideshow on my smartphone before we made it to the hospital. Okay, I'm obviously kidding, but I haven't been this impressed with every look coming down the runway (or stairs, here)... oh, ever.

Inspired by a myriad of things (see: Elvis, Americana biker chick, Native American prints, military, Rock 'n' Roll) new Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing debuts his collection for Resort 2012.

I'm impressed.

Crisp ivory blazer, killer pants, and look at those boots!
I love this sequin 'print' on the skirt. Great use of metallic.
Again with the boots! 
I would wear this everyday. 
Killer printed mini with a long tuxedo style blazer? Yes, please. 
This blazer pretty much rocks.
There are those booties again!
But look at the printed tuxedo-pant stripe down these puppies! 
A romper that really works. 
Slinky how-does-that-even-stay-up jumpsuit. Neat. 

So, that's my take on Balmain Resort 2012...

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