August 31, 2011

LOVE AFFAIR: Elie Saab Haute Couture

So, I'm having a bit of a love affair with Elie Saab, but he doesn't know it yet (maybe that's why he's not returning my calls!)...

His couture lines are always awe inspiring, and a quick look through his website and my jaw was on the floor. Between his Spring/Summer 2011, and Autumn/Winter 2011/12 Haute Couture lines, I've found a bunch of gowns that make me want to drop ## pounds and grow ## inches and find a place to wear these...

Here are a few of my absolute favorites.

Illusion netting, flower detail, and a hint of sparkle. 


Who wouldn't wear a full sequin gown? I mean, really? 

The draping, color and lace use makes me swoooon. 

Yowza! Have you seen lace inserts like this on a chiffon gown? I'm in love.

 Would you wear this on your wedding day? 

Her face is dewy and this gown reminds me of Art Nouveau. 

This one too. 

Great color.

She looks like a brilliant sea creature floating in the abyss. 

So there you have it... my love affair with Elie Saab Haute Couture explained. 
I encourage you to check out his website. There are a few lovely videos and intros to his collections.

August 30, 2011


The sparkle and sequin trend makes me happy, and the fact that we can now throw them on our nails is my favorite part! It's not totally uncool anymore to have things on your fingers other than a light layer of shiny polish, and these ideas are even a little bit classy. 

...and if I could just stop biting my nails for two seconds, I could do some of these! Here are some of the prettiest ideas I've seen; perfect for wedding, a special occasion, or just everyday...  

The variation in size of gold glitter reminds me of the night sky...

I love this glitter faded in from the tips. FYI: Martha Stewart's glitter (available at
any craft store) is very fine and works very well here...

For this pink and black number, I would consider going ivory with dove grey 
to keep it sweet and light, but I like that the lace placement changes... 

This is such a sweet look... I'll try a blush pink when I can sort these puppies out. 

My second favorite idea... tone on tone matte/shiny. 
Great idea! Try french tips or lace here too! 

My favorite idea from this set of photos! Here is the step by step... 

1. paint nails with desired color and let dry.
2. dip fingernail in vodka (possibly after making a tasty cocktail).
3. press strip of newspaper big enough to cover the whole nail onto your
alcohol soaked nail.
4. pull off newpaper slowly.
5. paint top coat to seal. 

(This last one comes from

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August 29, 2011


Here at Godbey & Gant, we hope to make your Mondays a little bit better... so relax and watch this tutorial on how to achieve the 'Sexy Pin-Up' look inspired by the ravishing beauties of the 1940s.


August 25, 2011

COVER UP: Inspired Cases for the iPhone

We only have so many options when it comes to staying in touch, so why not jazz it up a little and personalize the packaging?

We've scoured the interwebs for the best of the best, and this is what we've found...

1. The Little Black Book from Pad&Quill {4}. This lovely little cover comes in three classic colors, featuring Baltic Birch, bookbinding cloth, and Italian leather. Surprisingly inexpensive for such a gorgeous little guy - $39.99.

2. Bamboo Case from Grove {4}. Available in two colors, and 100% bamboo. Fully customizable so you can have a hand-etched completely unique case all of your own! (or you can choose one of the designs from the 'artist series') - $69-109.
3. Leather & Lace from tovicorrie @ Etsy {3G or 4}. Available in burgundy or purple (above), this leather slide-in case has a strap to keep your treasured electronic in place - $39.50.

4. Leather Book case from calfunk @ Etsy {3G or 4}. Comes in this lovely color combo, or the reverse in 100% leather - $39.
5. Quartet Case from Case-Mate {4}. Each set (there are three color sets available) come with 6 color quadrants so you can switch it up whenever you're feeling like a change - $34.99

6. VANE case from KLxTL @ Etsy {4}. Rawr! This case may be a little impractical, but damn{!}, it's awesome! Available in white, black, and hot pink - $34.

7. Retro Silicone Cassette Tape from blueunplugged {4}. Even though the technology of the cassette has been long surpassed, that doesn't stop it from being cool when used in the right ways. This retro inspired case is the least expensive on the list, so it won't break the bank at $7.42.

8. Chocolate Bar case from usbfever {3G}. Mmm! This delicious silicone case won't melt in your hand or all over the inside of your purse. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this - $29.99.

9. 200 year-old antique wood w/18k gold {4}. What?! wow. just wow. Necessary though? Dunno. $3000 if you can find it. 

10. Okay, okay... this one is just for giggles! This Golden Delicious case will break your piggy bank at $108,891, but if you have a particular affinity (and the cash to burn) for 140 grams of 18k gold, carbon fiber, and 600 diamonds... then this is the case for you! 



August 24, 2011

BRIDE GUIDE: Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Your faithful maids make your wedding possible. A little thank-you for their support and love is a must—but what to get them? Here are some ideas:

1: Narciso Rodriguez For Her, $33-$105
Universally liked, Narciso Rodriguez For Her is a no-fail fragrance. The sultry ladies on your list will prefer it in the black-bottled EDT formula, the girly girls will like the more floral notes in the pink-packaged EDP.

2. Ray Ban Modern Wayfarers, $139
A modern reprisal of the classic shades, these will be long-standing favorites after the wedding—and if you give them to them early enough, they can look like a matching set of fluffy-frocked bodyguards during the reception.

3. Antique pearl earrings
These may take a bit of time to rustle up, but nothing really says, “I love and appreciate you” like something hand-picked and one of a kind. While you have lots of options, there’s something magical about real pearls.

4. Kenton Sorrenson Natural Leather Dopp Kit, $190
Because after a weekend of love and lace, she’s ready to pack up her lip gloss and head home. Let her do it in simple style.

5. Crème Yvette Violet Liqueur, $45
There’s really no better way to thank a maid for a job well done than with liquor. This vintage re-release is daintier than whiskey—but there’s nothing wrong with a healthy bottle of Knob Creek, either.

6. WeWOOD Watch, ~$132
Refreshingly masculine and sensible—the perfect counterbalance to the event’s femininity.

7. Luxury classics, $20 apiece
Fabric-covered editions of some of the most-loved lit of all time, this is the perfect gift for your favorite bookworms.

8. Sam Edelman Haircalf Smoking Slippers, $140
The perfect apology for the stilettos you made her wear to your wedding, these should sooth her flustered feet.

9. nOir Jewelry Stacking Rings, $110
There are probably whole etiquette books written about how inappropriate it is to give bridesmaids rings, but let’s ignore that and focus on how awesome this set is.

10. An antique locket
Hands-down the most charming jewelry form in existence, a locket presents you with lots of opportunites to tuck something thoughtful inside.


August 23, 2011

HOW-TO BEAUTY: A Natural Look

Susan shares her savvy on achieving a glowy, better-than-natural makeup style.

1. Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Wash: Even though I'm lucky enough not to have acne, I'm still in love with this product. It lathers up nicely, and smells very clean and fresh.

2. Neutrogena's Visibly Even Daily Moisturizer SPF 30: Brightens up and evens out the skin tone while using the perfect amount of SPF. 

3. Bare Escentuals - PRIME TIME: I love this stuff. There are a lot of foundation primers that really work out there and I've used them all, and recommend many of them. This is what I used today.

4. REVLON ColorStay Mineral Mousse: (in number #50) Can be a bit heavy since it's a mousse so feel free to use a tinted moisturizer or lighter foundation in place of this. 

5. stila illuminating liquid foundation: (in 10 watts) One of the best light-weight liquid foundations... plus it has that sheer shine we're going for.

6. Bare Minerals - mineral veil: Great finishing powder. Very sheer - no color coverage.

7. Bare Minerals - bronzer: One of my favorite bronzers... though be careful, loose bronzer is a slippery slope! lol

8. LORAC Blush: (in desire) This blush is fantastic, and this particular pigment has some sheen to it... which I love.

9. Bare Minerals - illuminating mineral veil: I can't talk any more highly about this product. It helps create the sheen on the cheekbones and browbone that we really want. 

10. Urban Decay - NAKED eyeshadow palette: This is probably the most used product I have. There is a wide range of colors so it's versatile for any look you're trying to achieve. Invest in this guy... you'll use it every day!

11. Bare Escentuals - BUXOM lash: Wow. just wow. 

12. Lip Fusion XL: Plumps up those puckers! 

13. smashbox - the nude lip pencil: (in fair) Great color, easy to apply.

14. smashbox - lip enhancing glass, sheer color: (in pop) The sheer color is lovely. My only complaint is that because it's a brush, it frays after a few uses (pushing it back into the tube!) and can turn out looking like a dandelion after a while (but I still love it).

15. OLAY age defying intensive nourishing night cream: So when you make your way home and are ready to crawl into bed, smooth some of this over your skin and thank me in the morning.


August 22, 2011

PRETTY SWEET: Painted Wedding Cakes by Maggie Austin

Cakes by Maggie Austin //
While I love a gaudily foiled or filigreed confection as much as the next girl, there's something so sweetly simple about a painted cake. The cake as canvas strikes me as a genius idea, a perfect little cube of otherwise blank space on which to throw a splashy floral or interesting vintage print.

When I sat down to gush about my new love of painted gateaux, I quickly found that there's a clear leader in this pack: Maggie Austin, an innovative cake couturier from the DC area.

While Maggie's works range from the sculptural to the linear, it is her simply shaped, luxuriously painted cakes that steal my little heart (not too suprising, I suppose, in a girl who prefers impressionists to cubists).

I'll just get out of the way to let you feast your eyes on these pretty little things.


August 21, 2011

A LA MONROE: The Fur Coat

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

The first person who can explain to me the merits of getting married without a fur coat wins a pony.

Ok, ok, not a pony; I'm actually fresh out. But you get my point: look at these. Pure purring luxury of the finest order, there's no other physical object quite so ludicrously feminine as a fluffy fur coat. Sure, they're a bit grandiose; sure, they're a bit too warm for certain times of the year, but frankly I think there's no day too hot to forgo a little stole or wrap. It's a wedding. Put some show in it.


August 20, 2011

THIS JUST IN: Flowers wonderful, wearable

"Really, where COULDN'T I wear these?" is a little joke of mine I repetetively make when faced with shoes I consider to be a somehow advanced: sky-high platforms, lucite heels, everything made by Maison Martin Margiela--but when I lucked into a pair of floral-print vintage Delman pumps, the question was legitimate.

Where wouldn't these be appropriate? They're perfect. They're adaptable. They'd be fun at brunch, fun at a wedding, fun to spill pink cocktails on during the honeymoon, fun to wear as a regular citizen. This is obviously an occasion for a list.

Times vintage floral pumps are inappropriate:
-Trampoline-based activities

Times vintage floral pumps are appropriate:
- All other times are go


August 19, 2011

SCENT SPOTLIGHT: 4 Perfumes for Fall Brides

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1. Mitsouko: Guerlain, 1919
Notes: bergamot, lemon, mandarin, neroli / rose, clove, ylang-ylang / oakmoss, benzoin, vetiver, cinnamon

This perfume is widely considered to be the Mona Lisa of perfumes: the great, the ultimate classic, the work of art that determined an entire field. It is also beautiful and forceful, arresting: you either get it or you don’t. Mitsouko makes no excuses.

How does it smell? Like peaches, roses, dark moody spices, and fur; like an exotic spice trader wore her fur coat to a ball and lingered by a rainy window while smelling carnations—a strange, faraway scent both exotic and homey, comforting and thrilling. I like to think the wardrobe in Narnia would have smelled this way: dark, mysterious, alluring, storied.

2. Lipstick Rose: Frederick Malle, 2003
Notes: fruit notes / rose, violet / vetiver, musk, vanilla

What could have been a quirky caprice is instead a charming and somewhat grandiose gesture: a perfume that smells precisely of vintage lipsticks, rain-washed violets, and fresh roses. This is what Marilyn Monroe would wear if she were alive and looking for a new olfactory love. Such a playful gesture on a bride, but fiercely classic at the same time.

3. Field Notes From Paris: Ineke, 2009
Notes: Coriandor seed, orange flower, bergamot / tobacco flower, tobacco leaf, patchouli, cedar / tonka bean, leather, beeswax, vanilla

A staple in my own wardrobe, this startling beauty is a unique reprisal of the orange blossom theme (orange blossoms, by the way, were the traditional bridal flower in the Victorian era). Mixed with bergamot, beeswax, tobacco, and tonka bean notes, this evocative scent nearly defies description. Sweet, yes; wistful, yes; but also somehow calm and assertive. It makes me think of log cabins in rainy forests, leather chairs in old libraries, and evenings by some fire in a home I’ve never had. You have never smelled anything like this before.

4. Apres l’Ondee: Guerlain, 1906
Notes: lemon, bergamot, neroli, blackcurrant / carnation, violet, mimosa, sandalwood / vanilla, benzoin, iris roots, heliotrope

Appropriate even for the perfume-hater, this romantic fragrance is as light as a feather, calling to mind dusky hues, rainy days, chiffon dresses floating about in Baroque rooms. Feminine in its floral warmth, it’s made unique by the peppery carnation and the powdery iris. Perfume critic Luca Turin summed this violety creation up as well as it can ever be done, calling it “the ultimate fragrance Ophelia.”


August 18, 2011

FOR THE LOVE OF LACE: Beyond the Dress

A bride without lace is like martini without olives or coffee without cream: workable, I suppose, if that’s your thing - but why would that be your thing?

That said, there’s more to lace than just the gown. These options would work as the cherry on an all-lace sundae, or add just a touch to an otherwise laceless look.

Let’s face it: your iPhone is going to the wedding, too. It should look good.
Stella knows what’s what when it comes to sexy, structural skivvies. Perhaps this one’s black straps would make it a poor fit for the actual event, but put this beauty in your trousseau. That’s right. I said trousseau.
Oh, Valentino! There’s something about the winged, frothy effect that reminds me of  Hermes (the wing-booted Grecian god, not the French designer).
For hands for the fearless, for toes for the more traditional. I’d like to see these in tonal matte/shiny.


August 17, 2011

SILVER SIXPENCE: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something... teal?

Emerging from Victorian England, this tradition is said to bring good-luck and happiness to a marriage if the bride carries one of each token on her wedding day. 

I love this darling tradition. It seems to bring a bride and her family and friends a little bit closer during one of the happiest times of her life as she collects these items that have such a deep and rich history. 

something old, something new
something borrowed, something blue
and a silver sixpence in her shoe. 

'Something Old' reminds the bride of the past, while 'Something New' looks toward a bright and hopeful future. 'Something Borrowed' from a close friend who is happily married will hopefully pass on some of her good luck, and 'Something Blue' has Ancient Roman roots that symbolizes love, purity, and loyalty. The 'Silver Sixpence' represents wealth and security for the marriage. 

We like pushing color limits here at Godbey&Gant so I'm making a smalltinylittle change to this lovely poem and throwing in some teal. I hope you like it. 


August 16, 2011

SHINE ON: A Beaded Wedding Dress

Texture inspiration // dress from
The simple truth of the matter is that I love shiny things. How could one not? There's something almost primordially appealing about glittery goods: I think of glinting water in oases, treasure, tiaras--and frankly, I get just a little bit desperate and excited. Shine, give me shine!

I'd like to see more assertive, fearless beading options on wedding gowns. Sometimes a girl wants patterns, wants lines. Maybe she wants a Gatsby-meets-Amazon-warrior vibe--in luxurious silks in nudes, blushes, and soft blues, to set an appropriately sweet tone.

For this little number I thought of the bride as a Roman candle, a sparkler: a luminous thing all aglow and lovely.


August 15, 2011

MEANINGFUL BEAUTY: A Short History of Bridal Bouquets

I was recently given the leftover flowers from a friend’s wedding. As I stood by my sink rearranging the festive sprays into more modest arrangements, I was suddenly struck with a need to know the whos and whys of bouquet history: where did they come from, and why?

Half an hour and some Googling later, I had my answers: bridal bouquets began in ancient Rome as a garland of evil spirit-repelling scented herbs worn in the bride's hair. It wasn’t until the 1840 nuptials of Queen Victoria (whose wedding became the template for all modern-day festivities) that the bouquet as we know it came into fashion, partly because of the popularity of what was known as “the language of flowers.”

Through a mysterious process, each flower had acquired a known meaning. A bouquet could be read like a book, a little assembly of flowers full of meaning and fragrance. To this day, some of our favorite bridal flowers hearken to these origins. 

Here’s a quick summary of some of the usual suspects:

-White roses: purity
-Red roses: secret love
-Lily of the valley: trustworthy
-Myrtle: hopeful
-Lilac: youthful innocence


August 14, 2011

PAGING PINK: Report to Weddings Everywhere

Peonies by EverythingFabulous, Seltzer bottle from Etsy, Jeweled dress unknown, Chiffon dress by Elie Saab (via
Given my retro proclivities, it's no surprise I've seen Funny Face (and every other Audrey Hepburn action ever commited to celluloid) my fair share of times. What is surprising is that the only thing I clearly remember from this film is a musical scene involving the lyric "If you have to think at all, think pink!"

Well, silver-screen songstress, I (almost) entirely agree with you. While I stand by the modern-day woman's right to think in whatever color she pleases, I romanticize the pairing of blush and brides. This ultimately feminine, ultimately sweet shade is just different enough to be memorable while staying within the realms of the classic. Plus, it flatters all skin tones and would play beautifully with a soft blue vintage heel--and really, what is the point of being a woman if you can't wear pink from time to time?


August 13, 2011

MARY: Full of Grace

Austin, Texas. 

When I see this dress, my heart gives a little thumpitty thump. Maybe because illusion netting is coming back into the world, or the lace fitted bodice, maybe the chiffon skirt... oh!, did I mention the skirt is removable? 

Mary, the bride, channels a bit of Audrey Tautou or Marion Cotillard in her French 1950s garden party inspired wedding, and wears her Monique Lhuillier gown like a princess in her vintage yellow Chanel heels and veil. 

The small party of guests got to take home vintage tea cups as favors collected from random antique stores on the bride and groom's travels. Cameo brooches graced the bouquets and boutineers, and macaroons were the delightful desert of the evening. The invitations and thank you's were custom designed from vintage handkerchiefs giving new life to the DIY wedding. 

Shot by The Nichols - click here for more about this wedding. 


August 12, 2011

STARLET VOWS: Kate Moss's Wedding

Mario Testino for Vogue, September 2011. Gown by Galliano.

Mario Testino for Vogue, Septemeber 2011.

Mario Testino for Vogue, September 2011. Coat by Tom Ford.
 Kate Moss. Galliano. The Great Gatsby. Gypsies. All of these things (and some etceteras, like Jamie Hince) came together in one of those weddings that reminds you what weddings really are: life, however briefly, lived as art.

Kate’s wedding dress, a bespoke Galliano creation, was inspired by the wistful chiffon bias gowns of the 1930s, tempered by the exuberance of modern-day gypsy weddings. Like you might expect, the result was both dreamy and spritely, perfectly capturing the gamine spirit Moss is known for.

The details, all as ethereal and weightless as Kate herself, are what make this ensemble so beautiful it almost aches: the delicate ecru color, the sensational over-the-face veil (I lodge my official plea here: please return, classic veil, you paragon of mystery and elegance), the beadwork, the fur-trimmed Tom Ford coat. I love the simple silhouette and tousled hair - the unstudied elegance of it all allows Kate, just Kate, to shine.

See the rest of the photos and Hamish Bowle's coverage at Vogue.


August 10, 2011

FINE FORM: Ode to a Dior Dress

Lately I’ve been living in the grips of an obsession with the Met Costume Institute’s online library. For the vintage lover, this site is a paradise searchable by designer, era, and function, all the lovely dresses lined up on screen like tempting macaroons in a patisserie window. Their collection makes me thirsty, thirsty, as if no matter how many images I consume it will be impossible to fill this parched wanting—

That is, until I saw this:
Galliano for Dior, spring/summer 1998. Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute collections.
This dress was the long drink of clear water, the oasis turned real and not mirage: this gown was and is it—the perfect ball gown.

The streamlined bodice, the sugary bow-accented neckline balanced by the almost-macabre black, the combination of playful ruffles and a fear-me voluminous skirt—as balanced and integrated as a poem in silk, something this exaggerated and simple could only come from the house of Dior.


August 9, 2011

LOVE ETERNAL: Dead Celebrity Edition

Today we want to talk about the great and ultimate theme: love. Or, more accurately, the love of dead celebrities. Without further ado, our sketches and odes to the missing men of our dreams:

susan: cary grant
Because he:
- Is quick-witted and hilarious on screen
- Is tall, dark, and handsome (see also: gorgeous)
- Always chose interesting roles
- Had range but was always funny
- Had great on-screen chemistry with the ladies... particularly Katharine Hepburn
In sum, this is the man I'd marry of he were alive and straight.

rebecca: paul newman

Why Paul Newman? For Cool Hand Luke, for the salad dressing, for saying "Why go out for a burger when you have a steak at home?" when asked if he'd ever been tempted to stray from his wife, for the hooded, sad eyes, for the sense he gave of being, au fond, a truly and genuinely decent man. And for being so beautiful I have to avert my eyes lest he burn a Paul Newman-shaped hole in my retina.


August 8, 2011

COLOR CRUSH: Colored Wedding Dresses

I have three words for how I feel about color in wedding dresses:

Yes yes yes.

While nurses and princesses are relegated to the strict straight-white look, the rest of us wild things are free to put a little ginger in our juice, if you know what I mean. We do what we wanna. And we wanna wear color.

The above Chris Benz and Givenchy dresses made it straight to my wedding and formal inspiration shortlist—I love the classic cuts bordered with a splash of confident, assertive, I'm-doing-this color. More of this, please!