August 20, 2011

THIS JUST IN: Flowers wonderful, wearable

"Really, where COULDN'T I wear these?" is a little joke of mine I repetetively make when faced with shoes I consider to be a somehow advanced: sky-high platforms, lucite heels, everything made by Maison Martin Margiela--but when I lucked into a pair of floral-print vintage Delman pumps, the question was legitimate.

Where wouldn't these be appropriate? They're perfect. They're adaptable. They'd be fun at brunch, fun at a wedding, fun to spill pink cocktails on during the honeymoon, fun to wear as a regular citizen. This is obviously an occasion for a list.

Times vintage floral pumps are inappropriate:
-Trampoline-based activities

Times vintage floral pumps are appropriate:
- All other times are go


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