August 25, 2011

COVER UP: Inspired Cases for the iPhone

We only have so many options when it comes to staying in touch, so why not jazz it up a little and personalize the packaging?

We've scoured the interwebs for the best of the best, and this is what we've found...

1. The Little Black Book from Pad&Quill {4}. This lovely little cover comes in three classic colors, featuring Baltic Birch, bookbinding cloth, and Italian leather. Surprisingly inexpensive for such a gorgeous little guy - $39.99.

2. Bamboo Case from Grove {4}. Available in two colors, and 100% bamboo. Fully customizable so you can have a hand-etched completely unique case all of your own! (or you can choose one of the designs from the 'artist series') - $69-109.
3. Leather & Lace from tovicorrie @ Etsy {3G or 4}. Available in burgundy or purple (above), this leather slide-in case has a strap to keep your treasured electronic in place - $39.50.

4. Leather Book case from calfunk @ Etsy {3G or 4}. Comes in this lovely color combo, or the reverse in 100% leather - $39.
5. Quartet Case from Case-Mate {4}. Each set (there are three color sets available) come with 6 color quadrants so you can switch it up whenever you're feeling like a change - $34.99

6. VANE case from KLxTL @ Etsy {4}. Rawr! This case may be a little impractical, but damn{!}, it's awesome! Available in white, black, and hot pink - $34.

7. Retro Silicone Cassette Tape from blueunplugged {4}. Even though the technology of the cassette has been long surpassed, that doesn't stop it from being cool when used in the right ways. This retro inspired case is the least expensive on the list, so it won't break the bank at $7.42.

8. Chocolate Bar case from usbfever {3G}. Mmm! This delicious silicone case won't melt in your hand or all over the inside of your purse. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this - $29.99.

9. 200 year-old antique wood w/18k gold {4}. What?! wow. just wow. Necessary though? Dunno. $3000 if you can find it. 

10. Okay, okay... this one is just for giggles! This Golden Delicious case will break your piggy bank at $108,891, but if you have a particular affinity (and the cash to burn) for 140 grams of 18k gold, carbon fiber, and 600 diamonds... then this is the case for you! 



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