August 24, 2011

BRIDE GUIDE: Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Your faithful maids make your wedding possible. A little thank-you for their support and love is a must—but what to get them? Here are some ideas:

1: Narciso Rodriguez For Her, $33-$105
Universally liked, Narciso Rodriguez For Her is a no-fail fragrance. The sultry ladies on your list will prefer it in the black-bottled EDT formula, the girly girls will like the more floral notes in the pink-packaged EDP.

2. Ray Ban Modern Wayfarers, $139
A modern reprisal of the classic shades, these will be long-standing favorites after the wedding—and if you give them to them early enough, they can look like a matching set of fluffy-frocked bodyguards during the reception.

3. Antique pearl earrings
These may take a bit of time to rustle up, but nothing really says, “I love and appreciate you” like something hand-picked and one of a kind. While you have lots of options, there’s something magical about real pearls.

4. Kenton Sorrenson Natural Leather Dopp Kit, $190
Because after a weekend of love and lace, she’s ready to pack up her lip gloss and head home. Let her do it in simple style.

5. Crème Yvette Violet Liqueur, $45
There’s really no better way to thank a maid for a job well done than with liquor. This vintage re-release is daintier than whiskey—but there’s nothing wrong with a healthy bottle of Knob Creek, either.

6. WeWOOD Watch, ~$132
Refreshingly masculine and sensible—the perfect counterbalance to the event’s femininity.

7. Luxury classics, $20 apiece
Fabric-covered editions of some of the most-loved lit of all time, this is the perfect gift for your favorite bookworms.

8. Sam Edelman Haircalf Smoking Slippers, $140
The perfect apology for the stilettos you made her wear to your wedding, these should sooth her flustered feet.

9. nOir Jewelry Stacking Rings, $110
There are probably whole etiquette books written about how inappropriate it is to give bridesmaids rings, but let’s ignore that and focus on how awesome this set is.

10. An antique locket
Hands-down the most charming jewelry form in existence, a locket presents you with lots of opportunites to tuck something thoughtful inside.


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