August 12, 2011

STARLET VOWS: Kate Moss's Wedding

Mario Testino for Vogue, September 2011. Gown by Galliano.

Mario Testino for Vogue, Septemeber 2011.

Mario Testino for Vogue, September 2011. Coat by Tom Ford.
 Kate Moss. Galliano. The Great Gatsby. Gypsies. All of these things (and some etceteras, like Jamie Hince) came together in one of those weddings that reminds you what weddings really are: life, however briefly, lived as art.

Kate’s wedding dress, a bespoke Galliano creation, was inspired by the wistful chiffon bias gowns of the 1930s, tempered by the exuberance of modern-day gypsy weddings. Like you might expect, the result was both dreamy and spritely, perfectly capturing the gamine spirit Moss is known for.

The details, all as ethereal and weightless as Kate herself, are what make this ensemble so beautiful it almost aches: the delicate ecru color, the sensational over-the-face veil (I lodge my official plea here: please return, classic veil, you paragon of mystery and elegance), the beadwork, the fur-trimmed Tom Ford coat. I love the simple silhouette and tousled hair - the unstudied elegance of it all allows Kate, just Kate, to shine.

See the rest of the photos and Hamish Bowle's coverage at Vogue.


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