August 16, 2011

SHINE ON: A Beaded Wedding Dress

Texture inspiration // dress from
The simple truth of the matter is that I love shiny things. How could one not? There's something almost primordially appealing about glittery goods: I think of glinting water in oases, treasure, tiaras--and frankly, I get just a little bit desperate and excited. Shine, give me shine!

I'd like to see more assertive, fearless beading options on wedding gowns. Sometimes a girl wants patterns, wants lines. Maybe she wants a Gatsby-meets-Amazon-warrior vibe--in luxurious silks in nudes, blushes, and soft blues, to set an appropriately sweet tone.

For this little number I thought of the bride as a Roman candle, a sparkler: a luminous thing all aglow and lovely.


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