September 7, 2011


Though I'll try to come up with a few.

We've always been 'cat people', so as my thirteenth birthday present, my daddy-o brought me a ragdoll kitten. I named him Ares (after the Greek and Roman God of War) because he was such a little warrior (and by 'warrior' I mean cute, cuddly, adorable, and sweet).

As Ares and I bonded over torn curtains, taking over my bed, and shoulder real estate I thanked my dad for the best birthday present ever.

Ragdolls are notoriously loving kitties. Unlike many breeds they don't shy away from people and strangers (personally, I think the idea that cats are finicky and hide all the time is why people aren't fond of cats), they are vocal, love being held, and Ares actually comes to me when I whistle!

see also: walks around with me until I sit down where he proceeds to curl up on or next to me and purr forever.

note: if you're thinking of getting a ragdoll, I hope you like vacuuming and sticky rollers!

Brilliant blues.

A lazy Saturday morning.

Tiny toes.
Sitting and purring and looking out the window. 
"helping" me with some emails after his "Lion Cut" at the vet (which is hilarious, but necessary) 

Pretty cute. 

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