August 14, 2011

PAGING PINK: Report to Weddings Everywhere

Peonies by EverythingFabulous, Seltzer bottle from Etsy, Jeweled dress unknown, Chiffon dress by Elie Saab (via
Given my retro proclivities, it's no surprise I've seen Funny Face (and every other Audrey Hepburn action ever commited to celluloid) my fair share of times. What is surprising is that the only thing I clearly remember from this film is a musical scene involving the lyric "If you have to think at all, think pink!"

Well, silver-screen songstress, I (almost) entirely agree with you. While I stand by the modern-day woman's right to think in whatever color she pleases, I romanticize the pairing of blush and brides. This ultimately feminine, ultimately sweet shade is just different enough to be memorable while staying within the realms of the classic. Plus, it flatters all skin tones and would play beautifully with a soft blue vintage heel--and really, what is the point of being a woman if you can't wear pink from time to time?



  1. I love, love, LOVE that Elie Saab pink dress, if only I could afford it.

  2. Isn't it gorgeous? I love almost everythign Saab sends floating down a runway.